Ethel Nalule


Ethel Nalule is a 20 year old student based in Ontario, Canada as well as New Jersey, USA. Ever since a flight attendant showed her a polaroid camera is August of 2005, photography has been a hobby that brings her the greatest of joy. She first started putting her work out there in 2014 after her photography teacher encouraged her enter an art show; where she received the "Best Photography 2014" award for a photo taken of her younger brother called "immerse". From there she has won numerous first place/best in show awards for her photography, as well as landing her self a local magazine interview by Julianna Garofalo.

She enjoys taking self portraits and photographs that make others feel. Photography is her art of observation and expression.

She has also been featured on the "Daily Dozen" a national geographic side blog, and as well as chosen as an editors favourite by National Geographic editor for the 2017 year.

Ethel is available for any of the following services: 

New borns, Weddings, Families, Proms, Graduations, Advertisements, Pets, and many more. She is also available for collaborations.


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